Hvorfor har vi en bjelle på motorsyklene våre?

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Many years ago, on a cold December night a crusty old biker was returning from a trip to
Mexico with his saddlebags filled with toys and other assorted trinkets for the kids at a group
home, near where he worked. As he rode along that night he thought how lucky he had been in
life, having a loving riding partner that understood his need to roam the highways on his trusty
old bike that hadn’t let him down once in the many years they shared the road together.

About 40 miles north of the border, in the high desert lurked a small group of those notorious
little critters known as road gremlins, you know the ones that always leave little obstacles like,
one shoe, boards, pieces of old tires, and dig the dreaded pot holes for bikers to run over and
crash thus giving the road gremlins a chance to rejoice over their acts of evil.

As the old biker rounded a curve that moonlit night the gremlins ambushed him, causing him to
crash to the asphalt and skid before coming to a stop next to one of his saddlebags that had
broken free. As he lay there, unable to move, the road gremlins made their move towards him.
This biker, not being one to give up, started throwing things at the gremlins as they approached.
Finally, with nothing else to throw but a bell he started ringing it in hopes it would scare off the
dirty little gremlins.

About a half a mile away camped in the desert, were two bikers sitting around a camp fire
talking about their days ride, and the freedom of the wind blowing in their faces as they rode
across this vast country. In the stillness of the night air, they heard what sounded to them like
church bells ringing and upon investigating, found the old biker lying along the roadside with the
gremlins about to get him. Needless to say, they preceded to ward off the gremlins until the last
of gremlins ran off into the night.

Being grateful to the two bikers the old road dog offered to pay them for their help, but as all true
bikers do, they refused to accept any type of payment from him. Not being one to let a good deed
go unnoticed, the old biker cut two pieces of leather from his saddle bags tassels and tied a bell
to each one, then slowly placed them on each of the bikers motorcycles, as near to the ground as
possible. The tired, old road warrior, then told the two travelers that with those bells placed on
their bikes they would be protected from the road gremlins and that if ever in trouble, just ring
the bell and a fellow biker will come to their aid.

So whenever you see a biker with a bell you’ll know that he has been blessed with one of the
most important thing in life – friendship from a fellow biker.

When you purchase a gremlin bell and place it on your bike, it offers protection. If you receive
the gremlin bell as a gift, the powerful magic of the bell is doubled. You want the bell to be low
to the ground, but not so low it will catch on obstacles and come off. Place it as forward as
possible, so the road gremlins will jump away when they first hear you.



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